The Off The Beat Podcast

a sports and music podcast in which I interview musicians and artists from around the world about their backgrounds and we discuss their relationships and experiences with sports.

On an actual sports focused episode I am Joined by Brandon Lee Gowton of Bleeding Green Nation and James Seltzer of WIP radio to discuss the oddity of an NFL season in the year of Covid, some of the least relevant aspects of the Eagles upcoming season and to debate who is at fault for the Eagles being only very good and not great. 

Today’s guest is Erik Petersen of Balance and Composure, The Erection Kids and The Otto Project. We discuss band names the beginning and end of Balance and Composure, his time working at NFL Films, and we almost discuss his new project but then never do. 

Today's guest Brandon Lee Gowton is the editor in chief and manger of the ultimate resource for Philadelphia Eagles news. We discuss how he got these titles and built the empire of BGN Radio and he tells me about his band. I also rant about the state of the world and sports in general feel free to skip that part. 

An interview with Mike Weiss of MEWITHOUTYOU. We discuss Covid, touring, religion in music, working with producers and Philly Sports. 

My first podcast episode was recorded with Matt Embree in February of 2020 as the U.S. felt the first effects of Covid-19. We discussed it's affect on touring musicians went through a history of Matt's life with music and discussed his fandom of the San Francisco 49er's. Since the recording of this podcast life has been generally derailed by many things. Making ends meet during a pandemic. Working on a patreon. Full time parenting. Anxiety. Depression. And probably the most crucial is that the world has embarked on the largest movement for equal rights of my lifetime. During much of this time releasing a new project has felt out of place. However, knowing myself, if I do not release this project now it will never move forward. I will touch more on some of these other things as the podcast continues to evolve. So here is to an interesting experience of reliving the beginning days of a pandemic with two weirdos as I bumble through my first recorded conversation and fail at proper microphone technique.  Hope you enjoy. 

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